• Cliff Garness
    Northern Building Division Manager

    Cliff began his career as a laborer for Sletten Construction. After pursuing his construction engineering degree, Cliff became an assistant project manager in 2000, advanced to Project Manager and was promoted to Division Manager. As the Northern Building Division Manager, Cliff oversees operations on all of Sletten’s Montana projects.

  • Paul Robinson
    Industrial Division Manager

    Paul has over 36-years of construction experience and has been with Sletten Construction since 1986. Paul directs and manages the activities of Sletten’s bidding, construction management and operations for the Industrial Division. 

  • Josh Guisti
    Nevada/Energy Division Manager

    Josh started working in Sletten as an apprentice in 1996. Since that time, he has since held positions in six different divisions. Josh now oversees all operations for Nevada and Energy projects.

  • KC Dougherty
    Arizona Division Manager

    KC has been with Sletten Construction since 2016. He has over 21-years in the construction industry. KC’s project experience ranges from airport, hotel and casino and education facilities. KC oversees operations on all of Arizona’s projects.

  • Bill Sharp
    Idaho Division Manager

    Bill started as a Project Manager in 2001 and helped open Sletten’s office in Boise, ID. He has over 27 years of construction experience in a wide range of project types and delivery methods. Bill has been an integral part of the Idaho Building Group’s success over the years and now oversees all operations as the Division Manager.

  • Monty Wardell
    Wyoming Division Manager

    Monty started as a third-generation mason and has over 51 years of experience. He worked as a Superintendent for Sletten for more than 5 years and became the Wyoming Division Manager. As the Wyoming Division Manager, he oversees all operations for our Wyoming Projects.

  • Dan Eden
    Corrections Division Manager

    Dan joined Sletten Construction in 2003 as a project engineer. Since that time Dan was promoted to the Corrections Division Manager and now oversees all corrections and detention projects within the company. Dan has experience in delivering successful projects via all delivery methods and continues to build solid relationships within the industry.

  • Stephanie Hable
    Preconstruction Division Manager

    Stephanie has over 24 years of experience in construction and architecture. Her experience encompasses a wide range of responsibilities including, conceptual design, budget and schedule creation, programming and construction administration. As Director of Preconstruction, Stephanie oversees all oversees all preconstruction, estimating, marketing, and virtual construction.

  • Russell Robertson
    Bridge Division Manager

    Russ originally started as a laborer with Sletten and has worked in the Sletten Great Falls office since 2008. He has brought 20 years of bridge construction experience and technical knowledge to the company. Russ was working as a Project Manager for many years for Sletten until he became the Bridge Division Manager. As the Bridge Division Manager, Russ oversees operations for all Sletten’s Bridge projects.

  • Tom Morano
    Safety/Environmental Division Manager

    Tom started with Sletten Construction in 1986 and has over 33 years in construction and 16 years in Safety Health & Environmental management. Tom is responsible for the overall direction of the company’s loss prevention and environmental policies. He proactively implements company safety/environmental programs to enforce compliance on all company job sites and prevents accidents and reduces time lost due to accidents by developing, communicating and training on safety programs and policies.

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